Rail Safety

Ontario Northland operates a 700 mile rail system that includes over 500 public, private and approved snowmobile crossings. With such high volumes of traffic, we want to ensure that everyone follows the rules and stays safe when using a crossing.

Here are a few tips to help make sure you stay safe:

  • NEVER try to beat a train across the tracks. Trains may appear to be moving slowly, but they can actually travel at speeds up to 160km/h and take up to 2km to stop in an emergency.
  • NEVER cross a bridge or tunnel – trains can approach very quickly at any time, leaving you with nowhere to go.
  • NEVER travel along the railway tracks – not only is it trespassing, but it’s a tragedy waiting to happen.
  • NEVER play around stopped trains. Trains can move suddenly and with little notice.
  • ALWAYS cross tracks at designated areas and obey the crossing signs, stop signs, flashing lights and gates at a rail crossing.
  • ALWAYS stay at least five meters away from the tracks. Trains are much wider than the tracks they run on, so it’s important to keep a safe distance away.
  • ALWAYS step over the tracks, not on them. The metal can be slippery under almost any conditions.

You can also visit Operation Lifesaver at www.operationlifesaver.ca for more Rail Safety tips.

Remember, you can easily stop for a train, but a train cannot stop for you. Please don’t put your life on our tracks.