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Our remanufacturing capabilities span from the complete disassembly of rail equipment, to rebuilding them from the frame up. We have expertise in upgrading both electrical and mechanical systems, completing truck overhauls, and also offer interior design and layout services. 

  • We deliver dramatic transformations. You give us your tired, old rail equipment and we rebuild it to operate and appear as new
  • On time & on budget.  It is our goal to make the employees of the companies we work with look good.  This is achieved through a mutually beneficial partnership that ensures your equipment is delivered on time and at a competitive price  
  • A reputation for quality. Our Remanufacturing team is diverse, skilled and professional. We have many trades people and professionals working together to produce superior locomotives and railcars that exceeds our clients expectations.
  • We are railroaders and have been for over 110 years. Ontario Northland operates passenger and freight trains in Northern Ontario. We understand your challenges with equipment and can offer solutions and advice because we too face them. Because we are a railroad company we hold certifications, own specialized equipment and can access skills and materials that our competitors simply cannot.

"Each time we reveal a completed project, our customers are overwhelmingly impressed.
We are driven to recreate that moment with every one of our clients."

Corina Moore, President and CEO
Ontario Northland

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